Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Getting I N V O L V E D to Get Problems S O L V E D ! !

     Hi my name is Rha'Leijah Roberson, a youth leader at Nollie Jenkins Family Center. I am a 10th grader from Durant Public School. NJFC is a community organization that helps the youth play a major role with their leadership skills, activities, and programs. I was first introduced to Nollie Jenkins Family Center, when I was invited by one of their youth leaders to participate in a LGBTQ focus group. I was skeptical about getting involved in the beginning but once I got a better understanding I felt more comfortable. After my first experience with NJFC, I wanted to become more invested in the work of the organization. I was shy and scared that I wouldn't fit in and be able to learn new things fast or meet new friends. I got over all of that once I got to know the youth and other staff better.

      From my perspective, working here as a youth organizer is a excellent idea for all students. I am learning more here at Nollie's and I think this will help me more with my school work, knowing how to be more open minded, creative, and outspoken. My goal is to be able to get a better understanding and lead some of the programs including the C3 Project (Creative Community Conversation), Prevention of Schoolhouse 2 Jailhouse Program and the LGBTQ Campaign. Nollie Jenkins Family Center will help youth within the community to gain tools & skills particularly around public speaking , writing essays, learning interviewing and editing skills and much more. I have only been here for a short period of time but I am looking forward to moving forward in the work and staying connected with you all. Until then visit our website at www.nolliejenkinsfamilycenter.org to learn more!

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